Flow before Living

Step1 Preview and Application

If you find the apartment on this site, go to see the actual apartment.

Reservations here.

See how carefully the details, please ask questions.

You like, please apply.

Of course you can apply without preview.

Please fill out the application form to pass when you preview and send FAX, or contact the application form here.

* At this point, no such reservation deposit required!

Step2 Tenant screening

We do screening tenants.

We verify tenants and determine the date of occupancy allows.

* You may be refused you move by the tenant screening. Usually we will reply within one week.

Step3 Preparing the necessary documents and feesStep3 Preparing the necessary documents and fees

Tenant screening results, to determine who can move, we will inform you the date of relocation and necessary documents.

Required documents

/ Resident : Seal (unregistered is OK), Identification documents (a copy of driver’s license, resident, or student ID)

/ Guarantor : Seal (registered seal), Seal certification

/ Necessary expenses

/ Move next month’s rent, cleaning fee \25,000, Insurance \6,000(1year)

Step4 Contract

Well, finally is agreement.

We contract with it at our office, but the people of the distant place can do even mail.

You must read the agreement. After you agree and understand the contents, please sign and seal.

During the contract, please transfer necessary expenses or bring us.

Step5 Delivery of key

We check the required documents and fee, and pass the key to you.

Delivery of the key, perform in front of the apartment.

Electricity, gas and water application please. Let’s start a new life comfortable!