Q1 How to look at the apartment carried by the homepage?
A1 Please make reservations over an email or a telephone.
But we cannot guide you in the no vacancies.
Q2 Can I reserve without preview?
A2 Yes, you can. Application here
Q3 I will go on to Niigata University. When should I start to look for the room?

The most popular rooms may be booked immediately after the announcement of the results of early tests.

We recommend a reservation before the test so that we can reserve on conditional admission.

* We do not charge a fee at the stage of booking, so please do not worry at all.


I will go on to Niigata University in April. Can I move in March?

If so, what rent will be prorated in March?


Niigata university graduation ceremony is around March 23.

As a result, many rooms will leave from March 24~25.

We understand your desire desire to move quickly in the convenience of parents. However, it takes about 7~10 days to repair and clean the room.

Therefore, we can not guarantee the provision of rooms that you can move in March.

If you can move on from March, we give a rent for March free.

Q5 If residents and leave in the middle of the month, rent will be prorated or?

No, we don’t prorated. We charge it in the situation of 1st every month.

So if the tenants during the month, the rent is free. But if you leave in the middle of the month it takes one month’s rent.

However, when shifted to the retreat next month in convenience here is not limited to this.

Q6 Please tell me initial costs.

Move next month’s rent, cleaning fee ¥25,000, Insurance ¥6,000(1year)

Key Money one more month’s rent (you live with a pet)

Q7 Please tell me the cost of the leave time.

We have gotten a cleaning fee, so usually does not have special rates.

However, if you’ve broken furniture and appliances or make a hole in a wall, the repair costs will be required.

Q8 What should I do if I provide my own furniture and consumer electronics?

Furniture and consumer electronics that we offer can be removed at any time.

It is possible not to set up when you move, and to drop in if you purchased them.

Also, it is possible to establish what was required at a later date, so please feel free to contact us.