Privacy Policy

We, LOCARE, Inc., complie with the Personal Information Protection Act, and strive to proper handling of personal information and protection.

■ Definition of personal information

Privacy and attribute information such as your name, date of birth, telephone number, employer, E-Mail, address, solidarity guarantor’s information, cohabitation’s information, received from the customer and other information in one or more that refers to that can combine your personally identifying information.

■ Personal information acquisition, use and provision

Not is collecting personal information is done by appropriate means, as well as let, etc announced purposes of use, notices, and explicit, thanks for handling of personal information beyond the range of purpose of use without your consent. Moreover, in accordance with the procedure case to, personal information to a third party disclosure is required by law.

■ Purposes of using personal information

Purpose of use of personal information we collect is as follows.

The observance of the contract, and the offer of the information and the service.
Provision to third parties personal information in the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of the above (1).
Implementation of contracts concerning our products, services and information provided.
Above (1), (3) of the marketing activities, including ask sales activities with products, information and service provision for mail, phone, e-mail, and surveys. Customer trend analysis or survey analysis of product development.
* If you have any requests from the person providing information, services, decommission it will be charged.

■ Personal information of third parties

Personal information held by us in the following cases provide to third parties.

If you have the consent of the individual.
If pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations.
If you have difficulty in getting consent, in human life, health or necessary for the protection of the property.
When the difficulties in getting consent, in the improvement of public health or promote the healthy development of children in particular need.
When they may get’s consent in the case it is necessary to cooperate with it to carry out required by laws and regulations received country authorities or municipal corporation, or its consignment to the Office by obstacle on accomplishment of the relevant Office.
If the disclosure required ranges to be trusted business contractors range required for business purposes, the confidentiality agreement is concluded, while.

■ Safety management of personal information

Shall take necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, alteration, leakage, etc., and manage personal information we have properly and carefully.

■ Disclosure of personal information, correction procedures

And promptly, the response is required within reasonable limits on confirmed that the request from the person we manage personal information disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use concerning about the person.

■ Links to other sites

This site contains links to third party web sites, but we are not responsible for these privacy.

■ Inquiries concerning personal information protection

Please inquire for our privacy policy and the management to a persimmon. TEL:025-232-6633025-232-6633(Weekday 13:00-22:00)